Day One

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share this with everyone! Maybe you are wondering why I wanted to start a blog or maybe you are surprised that I have started one.

Those closest to me know that I have been talking about starting a blog for a year or so. I think it took so long because I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Truth is, I started writing this post and it somehow turned into a completely different post. You will get to see that later! I wanted to start a blog to share my ideas and experiences with others. I have followed a variety of blogs over the years and I love getting to know them and their creativeness.

If you’re wondering what I am going to blog about or where the blog name come from, I am not one-hundred percent sure. I plan to blog about my hobbies and life, but suggestions are welcome. Topics you may see in the future include; wedding, thrifting, decorating, and DIY projects.

The name of the blog stems from how I have been obsessed with anything and everything gold for the past five years. I love going to thrift stores and buying any gold home decor (maybe even too many things, oops). I am also obsessed with eucalyptus which began during wedding planning. When I was trying to find a name for my blog, the love I have for gold and eucalyptus garland morphed into: Garland & Gold. I think it has a ring to it. Hope you all enjoy!

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