Post Wedding Reflection

We are almost two weeks post wedding and I am shifting my previous time spent doing wedding planning, to writing blog posts and trying to figure out how to work WordPress (I have zero experience, so it’s rough at times). Here is a little insight on how I got here.

I am not sure how many of you have been married or are planning to get married soon, so bear with me as I share with you a little bit about my experience.

In the beginning, I loved picking out all of the fun little details as far as decorations, invitations, and pretty much anywhere I could be creative. All of that came easy because I love being creative! Once it got closer and all of the “day of” details needed to be worked out, I was still exited for the planning, I love planning. It was just not as much fun.

In life, I am a stressor. I try to remember “God’s got this” which usually relieves my stress. I thought I would stress out way more than I did through it all. I was proud of myself. I really only had a few moments of extreme stress. Most of them were little things (of course). They say, “don’t sweat the small stuff” but in all honesty, I haven’t fully figured that out, yet. 😊 The day before the wedding was stressful for me, so many questions to be answered. I was done answering questions about five minutes into the day, oops. I was just so ready for our wedding day to begin! I was ready to marry my best friend and none of the little details mattered anymore.

I could go on and on about every detail of the day we got married, it was amazing! Filled with SO MUCH love and laughter. Alex and I are truly blessed. Also, SHOUT OUT to the best wedding party EVER!!! Looking back at pictures now, makes my heart so happy I usually cry… Anyway; the days following the wedding were also a big part of our wedding experience.

The day following the wedding we didn’t stop moving. We opened our gifts surrounded by our closest friends and family. So many awesome gifts! I will share my favorite soon! Then we went and picked up some of our items at the venue, followed by another trip back to the venue, dropped off the extra food at my aunt and uncle’s house, and so on, ending in us both crashing hard. When I woke after an hour or so it was probably seven o’clock pm and my body felt like I had been “trampled by an elephant” (Alex’s words). I have never felt so exhausted in my life, anyone else feel like this after their wedding?

After recovering Monday-Wednesday, I still felt like I wasn’t quite one-hundred percent. While recovering I couldn’t tell if it was exhaustion from the wedding or worries taking over my mind. I found myself stressing about things that could have gone better or things I would have done differently had I known what to expect. I tried to remember that it was in the past, but I wanted everything to be perfect. So I did some researching whether this is common among recent brides and of course I am not the only one! I then shifted my focus and reminded myself of my future goals (this blog, reading more, etc.) and what is yet to come in life.

Once I started reading, my mind completely changed and I was able to gain focus; like read a whole book in a day, kind of focus. Seriously! It felt so good! I love losing myself in a book. I also finished up my first couple blog posts (this being one of them). I don’t know what the blog will consist of in the future and I am content with that. The goal of my blog is to just enjoy writing and sharing things with you all!

Married life is so good. Not much has changed, the last name is definitely an adjustment. A good one of course. We continue to be huge dorks around each other, things outsiders would probably question. You know: singing sentences, secret hand-shakes (yes, we are five), ring fist bumps, dancing in the kitchen (which I prompted we should do more of), etc. We are so in love. Hope you enjoyed a little insight into our recent days!


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