Idea for a Thoughtful Gift to Give Your Parents

I have been dying to share with you guys what we got our parents for our thank you gift to them ever since we received them in the mail, but we had to give them to our parents first! 😊

Alex and I struggled to find something for our parents gifts, to thank them for everything they did for the wedding and in life. Struggling lead to procrastination. It was like we were completing a research paper we have known about for months, but when searching for information we weren’t finding the content we had hoped for. So we naturally waited until the last minute to give it our full attention. When we finally dug into searching with no idea what we really wanted to get them, there were a lot of good ideas out there, but none of them felt personal enough.

Pinterest, Google, Etsy; you name it, we searched it. The result was jewelry items for moms and something personalized for dads. Initially we thought about getting Cubs tickets, but after looking at the prices we knew that wasn’t an option. We thought of things to get them such as a Magnolia Market wreath, for my mom. I knew she would be overjoyed, but it wasn’t personal enough. We also thought about getting Alex’s dad a wooden watch similar to the one I got him (bride and groom gifts coming soon), but again, we weren’t feeling anything 100%. So the searched continued.

Since we were cutting it close, Alex finally 😉 jumped in to help with finding gifts. He somehow came across the idea to get hand painted house portraits. I thought it was a sweet gift and somewhat relatable to us getting married. Meaning nothing else was the type of gift I had in mind. This idea was thoughtful and meant something to us. SO naturally I turned to Pinterest and Etsy again to find the perfect hand painted portraits. I was surprised by the variety of techniques in which they can be made; computer, drawn, painted, etc.

When I saw one on Pinterest made by Wheat and Honey Co and knew they would be perfect!!!The designer, Lauren hand paints them all! Check them out, aren’t they beautiful? I love the fact we were able to add a cute saying, and the address made them all the more perfect. The process of getting the images to the designer and deciding what goes in the picture and what doesn’t was super easy! I was a little nervous on how they would portray the homes we grew up in; however, I had seen previous ones she had completed and they turned out so good, so I couldn’t wait to see them! Once we got them and swooned over them for a day or so, we grabbed some frames from Target to put them in and they look so good.



You all should definitely go check out Wheat and Honey Co! The talent those ladies have is awesome to see! They also sell other unique items such as hand painted Bibles (#wishlist), stationary, wedding invitations, and more!

Finding gifts for our parents was ten times harder than I was expecting it to be! Wheat and Honey Co made it super easy and so enjoyable to gift them to our parents. Sooooo if you’re getting married soon or need something for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc., this would be a great gift! The emotions we shared with our parents upon them receiving these gifts are ones we won’t forget!

2 Comments on “Idea for a Thoughtful Gift to Give Your Parents

  1. Abi, Those are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful gift. Love reading your blog.


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