House Hunting Results!


Can we just talk about house shopping right now. All I wanted to do is have a house to redo and decorate. Why did it have to be so stressful? Alex and I began the search even though we originally weren’t planning to start until February. We went to an open house and it left me with the same feeling I have after I eat ice cream, wanting more. The market here is so quick these days. As soon as a house comes on the market we have to go look at it. So, it is a busy process.

Truth is we made an offer on a house in Des Moines and they countered too high so we decided it wasn’t meant to be. Then we realized our original plan of buying a house and moving in five years to a bigger house was probably a more expensive idea than we had planned. So, we switched our search tactics and strictly began searching in West Des Moines. We want to be in West Des Moines when we have kids, so we figured we might as well live there from the start. We also decided to go from 3 bedrooms being a must, to needing at least 4.

Before we started looking I knew finding the right house would be difficult, especially because Alex and I are picky about different things. But as we started looking it did get a little easier to know what we did and did not want. It surprised me how many houses I knew instantly weren’t for us! The only thing I was worried about with searching only in the West Des Moines area is the lack of old charm in homes. I want a home that has charm and a lot of West Des Moines is newer.

Check out the charm we saw in some of the houses. SO pretty and unique!

IMG_0340.JPG        IMG_0336.JPGIMG_0325.JPGIMG_0302.JPGIMG_0339.JPG  IMG_0301 (1).JPG

When we switched our search to West Des Moines things escalated quickly. There was a handful of houses that came on the market right around then so we acted fast. We saw so many houses in a short amount of time. BUT we found one we loved, looked at it twice in one day, and put an offer on it! We knew we needed to move fast because they had four showings after us that same day. Our offer was accepted, following the normal countering process that is to be expected.

That day, I was stressed to the max. We looked at so many houses my mind was playing games, was this the right house or not. I am the type that likes to sleep on things. Something I discovered I need to do while house hunting is be able to have a vision for what I want to do with the space. I was struggling to do this with this house. I think it was because it didn’t have that older charm, which is what I love. The decorative style was so different from mine as well. I felt it was easier with older homes to have more of a blank slate that I could design however I wanted, but with this newer, already decorated and updated home I was trying to figure out how I could design the space. After some serious Pinterest brainstorming I was able to come up with exactly what I wanted to do with the house to give it the charm I was looking for! Check out some pictures and consider these the “Before” pictures.


(Some of the photos I took and some are from Berkshire Hathway HomeService First Reality)

My plans for the house are to start with getting white trim and painting the walls all of the neutral, light colors I possibly can to brighten up the house!  I also want to paint the built-ins and fireplace mantle white. If you haven’t figured out yet, I love the farmhouse style look! Where everything is neutral and bright with pops of color of course. Oh an all the gold. I am thinking about taking my Pinterest ideas and ideas from the bloggers I follow and making a inspiration board (like print out the pictures and pin them on the board). I feel like this will help me get a better visual for what I want to do with each space. Does anyone else do this? I have never really tackled a project like this since I have been renting, so I CAN’T WAIT! Here are some of my Pinterest inspiration photos. You can also see more of my inspiration by checking out my Pinterest (you can find all of these on my page)!


Brandi Sawyer

white styled bookcase

House of Jade


Gray and white with fireplace and pretty cathedral ceiling







I linked the photos below them, if I could!

I absolutely can’t wait to take more pictures and get you guys a better idea of how the house is laid out and currently looks. Also, I can’t wait to take you guys along on this journey of turning our house into the perfect home.

Keep on the lookout for house updates in the future!



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