ONE Month House Update!

I was suppose to update you after a week, but you will understand why that never got done if you keep reading! 😊

We have officially had our house for three weeks and its starting to look a little less like a disaster! SOOO much progress!

Week 1:

Alex painted the whole main level! We took out all of the trim as we wanted to replace it. After/while taking off the trim we discovered the previous owners had put down flooring we currently have without removing the trim. Meaning when we took off the trim there was a pretty big gap. You kind of see the gap in these photos of the hall!

IMG_0535.jpg IMG_0567.jpg

IMG_0538.jpg IMG_0573.jpg

Those last two pictures are in the dinning room!

We originally wanted to redo the kitchen in like the next five years to make it more functional and our style. The counter tops are currently tile squares and it grosses me out. Lol. So after ripping up trim we were brainstorming what our next steps to being done would be. Like I said, we originally wanted a  “quick fix” and just replace the trim. So we thought well, we can still just put new trim down and an edge piece so the gap wouldn’t show. Alex decided he did not want to put the trim back up just to have to take it down when we redo the kitchen. Then we debated whether to redo the floors now and just add in more flooring when we take out the kitchen later. He didn’t want to have to do that either just in case the floor didn’t look cohesive when we added in more. In the end we decided we are going to replace the kitchen and floors now, along with the trim. EEEK I know what you are thinking, are they crazy…


But we are actually glad we decided to do this now because we are ready to not be living in a construction zone and there is no way we would want to do it with little ones. So week one we painted everything and took out all of the trim.

Week 2:

The first weekend following getting our house was a tad bit crazy, but oh so good. Friday we hosted friends at the condo and went to a concert. Saturday was moving day. It was pouring rain and we struggled to get everything moved. We cannot thank our friends enough for helping us out!! We got the beds moved and that night we hosted six of our best friends for a fun night at the piano bar. SO much fun!!! If you have never been to the Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar in West Des Moines you have to go! It is always a great time! Sunday we made breakfast and sent our friends on their way! Never fun! Then my cousin, bless his heart, helped Alex move the rest of the furniture. (He helped Alex move us to DSM) He is a blessing!  We got all of the rest moved in and organized the best we could!

Next we started working on getting closets organized. Pantry, coat closet, and master. We got shelving at Menards and started putting them up. We got the pantry closet and coat closet finished! I was more worried about them so I could put stuff downstairs away.

Week 3:

Week three we taped all of the walls with plastic. I don’t know why but this was easily my least favorite part about house projects so far! I never want to do that again…. I guess until we do the upstairs. Then Alex sprayed and scraped down the ceilings!! It was a lot easier than he thought! Let me know if you have questions on how we did it! Everything stayed taped with plastic and our house looked like a haunted house. Tis the season I suppose. Then last weekend my parents showed up and we got so much done!

Dad and Alex sprayed the ceilings, and put shiplap up in the living room! I will do a separate post on the shiplap! BUT I am so in awe of how it turned. Alex filled all of the nine million holes (not actually nine million just seemed like it) and primed and painted it!

IMG_0528 (1).jpg IMG_0610.jpgIMG_0611.jpg IMG_0613 (1)

IMG_0625.jpg IMG_0633.jpg

IMG_0628.JPG IMG_0639 (1).JPG

Hope you enjoy these updates!! Sorry for the low quality photos! 🙂


We are shopping floors and kitchens this weekend!! Wish us luck! If you have any suggestions where to look in the Des Moines area let me know!

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