Kitchen Remodel Update. You won’t be able to guess what has happened..


You guys sorry for leaving you out of the loop. We have been BUSY! So, I am going to back up a month or so and fill you in on what has been happening.

Here is where our kitchen started, minus the fact that we took out the pantry which you can see the hole in the wall.

IMG_1124.JPG            IMG_1123.JPG


Our plan was: Once we have confirmation of when the cabinets are going to be in, we would begin demo of our kitchen and flooring that weekend. Our cabinets came in and the first weekend of February so we tore out all the flooring and all of our cabinets. That next Monday and Tuesday Alex and another guy prepped our kitchen for cabinets and tile.

Here is post tearing out of cabinets!


They had to add new outlets for our under-cabinet lighting, put up the tile board (not sure the technical term for that), cut and wire our can lighting, patch some walls and ceiling holes we had from moving light holes and tearing out our pantry, and take out the kitchen and bathroom piping. I am probably forgetting a million things. BOOM we were right on track and then…




That following Friday we prepped the floors by putting down subfloor, over 5,000 staples if you were wondering… lol We did this because our kitchen area had a layer or subfloor and then linoleum and we weren’t able to get the linoleum up so we decided to just make the dining and living room areas the same level to make it easier. Then the following weekend our friend, who by the way is an electrician and plumber, came back down to help us put in cabinets! The cabinets were delivered on Saturday and they started putting them in. I was overly excited! As they started putting the cabinets in the guys noticed there was a glue-like texture that looked dirty on the outside of almost all of our cabinet faces (not the doors), they thought that’s no biggy we can sand them and repaint them. Then they noticed the cabinet company sent one of our upper cabinets that was the wrong height and another upper cabinet the company had visibly dropped as shown by the box it came in and the damage to the cabinet. Alex called the guy we ordered them through explaining the issues and the guy came out to see them. Alex forgot to show him the glue. Meanwhile they continue putting in cabinets and they are on the last two lower cabinets and UH-OH they sent those both the wrong size as well. Needless to say, we were furious as we wanted to be able to get the cabinets measured for countertops this week as we are leaving for vacation soon.

Monday roles around and we sent pictures of all the problems to the guy we ordered our cabinets through and he ended up coming back out. Next thing we know he says instead of getting you the four cabinets that were the wrong size we are replacing them all because they should not have come with the glue on them either.

We are extremely frustrated as this means we went from having our kitchen and flooring down before next week to we don’t know when but thankful they are going to hopefully get us high quality cabinets!

I will keep you guys updated, but for now we get to stare at cabinets we can’t use, that look awesome if you don’t look closely! 😊


Also asking for a friend, has anyone done their own backsplash? Alex and I are thinking about doing it ourselves and I want to know how hard it is!


So, stay tuned!! I am thinking about doing a video house tour on Instagram, thoughts?

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Also if there are grammar/spelling errors I apologize Alex is not here to help! lol


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