Finally Decorated a Room: Bedroom Update

Living without a kitchen is not ideal so naturally I had to make the best of it.

I have this new obsession with looking for antique finds on Facebook Marketplace. I have been searching on there for months for specific things! Some items I am looking for include, a small antique table, antique fireplace surround, antique mirror, antique cabinets (Like this one from Liz’s blog!), and probably a million other things. This addiction started when I first typed into the search bar “antique chairs” and found the cutest antique chairs, four of them for $20, I could not pass it up! They are so my style! We got them and they look so cute in our home.

IMG_1024 (1)

This is not the current state of our home, if you have been following along on Instagram stories you will know. If you haven’t, we currently have removed all the carpet in our living room and dining room and the pretty much everything in our kitchen. Read my last post to get a better idea what I am talking about. Our house will be a hot mess until the week of April 2nd when we get our second set of new cabinets. I am nervous to say the least.

Here are some pictures to show you what our bedroom looked like before completely decorating it!



So, this past weekend I got on Facebook Marketplace early Saturday morning and search “antique fireplace mantle” as I had so many times before. Then I began scrolling and found what I had been searching for!! A unique antique fireplace mantle. (Say that ten times fast, lol) So Alex and I switched our bedroom around quick (after coffee, of course) and then we headed to Elk Horn, Iowa to get it. The lady selling it  at Egg Krate, an antique store where individual vendors have booths. We had no idea where this town was or what to expect when we got the shop. We were so excited when we saw that many of the vendors had some really nice antiques. We walked around the entire store three times to make sure we didn’t miss anything! There were so many cool things! I didn’t want to miss any treasures. We went for the fireplace mantle and came home with a few other treasures.


Being able to decorate our bedroom when we got home gave me all the feels. I finally saw our house turning into our home. I haven’t been able to decorate at all, really since we moved in because the remodeling process started immediately. See here! So I want to share how I have our bedroom styled right now! Styling a fireplace mantle is probably one of my favorite things to decorate because it is usually the focal point of the room. Our bedroom is outrageously large so I wanted something to make it feel a little not so blank. If you look how we had our bedroom set up before you can see there is a really long open wall and I knew that would be really difficulty to decorate and make it all go together. So we put our bed against that wall and the fireplace mantle where the bed was. I am really happy with how it turned out!



I think eventually, we want to build a base for the mantle to make it more realistic! I also can’t decide what to do on the inside, I have seen so many neat ideas. Check out my inspiration pictures! What do you guys think I should do!?! Also need to get new blinds/curtains!!! Any ideas how to hand our curtains??

We also got a cabinet, but we are currently using it as a pantry! Lol So I will show you guys that later on!

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