Gallery Wall on a Budget!

Hey guys! The house is slow going as you know. If you have been following along on Instagram stories, you know we have been completing smaller projects in the midst of waiting on the kitchen. We got our wedding pictures back forever ago and I am just now getting some up in our house. I have seen a lot of other bloggers design the cutest gallery walls with photos and I knew I wanted to do something like this in our house. I love how all of the frames are the same and it is symmetrical. I have been into the neutrals and clean lines lately. Here are some of my inspiration pictures.


Making Home Base Blog


Project Allen Design Blog


I originally wanted  these picture frames from Target (click here) (similar to the ones above), because I love how big they are and I love the brass color! The size I needed was way too expensive for me! I planned to save my money so I would have enough

I never ever shop at Walmart but I went there for an oil change or something and wandered around. Then I found these picture frames (click here)! I love the neutral color of the frames  after putting them up, because I feel like they will fit my style longer than if I had chosen the brass. It is hard to tell but the frame material is a faux grayish colored wood. Which is going to compliment another project we have completed!


The wall they are on is our hallway wall upstairs. It’s a pretty short hallway and you can see the frames from the bottom of the stairs, which I love! Alex measured everything out!! He is really good at planning and making sure everything is perfect on these kinds of projects! I am thankful for this because it would have probably taken me at least six times as long and a few extra nail holes in the wall. 😊 We originally planned for another row of frames on the bottom of these, but when we put all of the frames up it was a little too much! I still need to fill in those holes! Thankfully we used little tack nails so the holes are small! Also, let’s not talk about the boob lights….

I am happy with how the wall turned out and the price! Besides the fact that 8 x 10 picture prints are outrageously priced! Lol. The frames total cost was pricey, but compared to if I would have used the brass frames it is a total game changer! I was shocked when I went to my cart and saw the cost, I of course waited for a discount code! But they are so worth it! Love being able to see our beautiful wedding photos from Madelin Mack Photography (click here to check out her website)!


PS We get countertops in FIVE days! Then floors, doors, trim, furniture, and so on, and so on. 😊

As always let me know what you think! I love feedback!

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