How to Design Your Kitchen with an Inspiration Board

I put together a design board for our kitchen! I really needed to narrow down what my vision for our kitchen was. After deciding all of the final major design details I had no idea what color I wanted to add pops of! I began thinking what I already have for kitchen decor to use as my inspiration pieces.

The major design pieces were our dishes which we received for our wedding! Since our cabinets have glass and you can see them I know I need to incorporate navy. I also have antique copper canisters for flour, sugar, tea, and coffee (those might not be right). I LOVE those and want to definitely use those! I usually don’t put anything in them, I just use them for looks. I also want to use a vintage printer’s drawer for wall decor.


I started with those items and began pinning for more inspiration! Rugs is something I struggle with! I am still not sure how many rugs and what size rugs to buy. I love the idea of buying “capsule” items. Like a capsule wardrobe but with home decor. I never really realized I was doing this until I saw CottonStem chatting about it on Instagram stories!


  • Shop your house! I have been doing this for so long! Whenever I feel like changing things up in a room, I look in other rooms and see what pieces I could use. This has been happening quite a bit since we moved because I have no clear plans for any room! We have only recently started hanging things on the walls! Shopping your house also helps save money!
  • By “capsule” items! When you buy something picture putting it in more than one room! It makes it easier to shop your house. And in the long run saves you money because you can shop your house and find items that work in other rooms.My Post (4).jpg

Mood for the kitchen is navy, copper, wood tones, neutral colors, greenery, subway tile and farmhouse sink. Check out my Pinterest (click here).

Let’s all just hope it looks as good as this inspiration board! 🙂

Click on these to find the original source: Dishes, Printer’s Board, Farmhouse Sink, Cake Stand/Copper 

Can’t wait to finish this project!

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