Kitchen Update

A lot has happened since my previous kitchen update, if you haven’t had a chance to read that one. In the previous update I filled you in on our kitchen nightmare, maybe not complete nightmare because it could have been worse. Short version: our first set of cabinets had to be sent back and we end up going with another cabinet store!

That all happened the week before we left for our honeymoon and the original plan was to get counter tops installed when we got home. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. We quickly changed our plans and went shopping for other cabinet, worked out our plans and measurements and prayed this company would have better quality. The first time we ordered cabinets it took about two months for us to design and finalize everything. This time we only had four days!

Fast forward five or so weeks and we have our new cabinets and countertops installed!!!! We got our new cabinets from Showplace Kitchens and they are amazing!! I would recommend Showplace to anyone searching for new cabinets!

We also got our countertops in! Countertop shopping was a little stressful when we realized we wouldn’t be able to see a large sample to know exactly what it was going to look like. So I did ALL the research and we decided on Torquay by Cambria. We really only looked at a small sample once and decided it was the one. I was nervous choosing white countertops that they would show everything, but Torquay has a lot of “grain”, not sure if that is the right word for it, but they actually hide a lot! LOVE them so far and having countertops makes a big difference when it comes to cooking and cleaning. Not sure if you remember what the countertops looked like previously, but they had put in separate tiles for the countertops so the dirt would go into the grout lines. It was disgusting! One smooth surface is amazing!

We have a lot of work to do yet, but under cabinet lighting is checked off the list! If anyone has tips on how to attach the little bit of excess cord let me know! We hadn’t under cabinet lighting until we moved here and the previous owners had it! Now we felt it was necessary because we love being able to have those on while we are cooking or at night if we want to leave some light on downstairs.

The floor is laid for staging via Alex. He did this the day the countertops came in and sent me pictures. 🙂 We started putting our pulls on as you can see. Man that is harder than I thought! We got our pulls on Amazon. I will keep you guys updated at we keep adding to it! It is slow right now because we are focusing on getting our rental properties turned over for the new tenants.

Check out our cabinets! Also, the “back splash” you currently see is actually our tile backer. We are planning to put up white subway tile! We are getting closer!




I want to know thoughts on this rug! I know it has an acquired taste. Alex hasn’t seen it yet, so I am interested in his reaction. I got it super cheap at the thrift store and it has a boho feel like my basket tray. Hopefully you can see my inspiration from my last post spilling into our kitchen!

I have some posts planned for the near future showing you guys what has inspired me for each room, and some DIY projects now that I get to start styling! Comment things you want to see!

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