What 2018 Brought Us


Happy New Year! 2018 brought us so many changes, but we are excited to see what 2019 has in store!

My motivation level in 2018 was a doozy and then Frankie (our puppy) ate my computer charger. But I am hoping to slowly get back to blogging, especially before Baby comes! I thought I would recap our year, we had a busy one!

January, we finished small projects like painting the hallway upstairs and hanging our gallery wall, check out this post to see how it turned out. Having a wall filled with our wedding photos is my favorite. They were all taken by Madelin Mack Photography.

February, we started the kitchen remodel. For those of you who haven’t heard our not so smooth kitchen remodel, check it out here! Basically we were 100% prepared to get our new cabinets in and the rest was a mess, including 2 months without a kitchen sink…

In the midst of all of this we got to spend time in the Dominican Republic. It was my first tropical vacation and I was already planning our next while I was there. It was amazing! I never wrote a post about it, but we lounged with cold drinks for days in the sun. We were going for relaxation so we didn’t plan any excursions, just a spa day.

IMG_1176.JPG IMG_1194.jpg


In the following months we continued with other house projects on our list until we finally got our cabinets and had a kitchen! One of the projects was changing the basement bedroom. It truly is amazing what paint can do! I also gave a Jenny Lind bedframe a makeover for the basement bedroom.





In April I left an amazing group of coworkers and started at On With Life in Ankeny. I am so thankful for all of the support I received from my coworkers and truly LOVE my job. During April we also took one of the mirrors from the basement bedroom walls and Alex built a frame for it, for our bedroom. Months before I was pinteresting ideas for a large mirror for our room, because it is rather large and it just worked perfectly we were taking those off the wall.IMG_0544.jpg



Come June, Alex started a new position at Principal. Then we finally got a backsplash up and in August we started laying our hardwood floors.



In August we also welcomed our little fur baby, Frankie the miniature goldendoodle, and found out we are expecting! I plan to share how we found out and a little about my pregnancy with you in a future post!  We are very blessed and excited to meet our little one come April. We decided not to find out what we are having, so the suspense is building! For now we will enjoy seeing and feeling our wild one moving around in my belly. IMG_2036.JPG


After that, my belly and the dog continued to grow and we continued to procrastinate the long list of projects we want done before the baby comes. We finished the year scraping popcorn ceilings upstairs  so I can start decorating the nursery! I have all the items to decorate, but very little functional baby things. So bring on the baby showers! I will try my best to keep posting on the blog this year! No guarantees once April hits! I am hopeful to completely finish the main level before April.

Can’t wait to take you all along this year as our little family grows! So thankful for you all!


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