Finding Out About Baby Fortsch

If you don’t know yet, Alex and I are expecting! We are so excited. Baby Fortsch is due April 13th. I always had this elaborate plan that when I thought I was pregnant I would find out without Alex knowing and then plan something super cute to surprise him. That is totally not how it went, we found out together and it is actually pretty entertaining, looking back!

It was a casual Friday night and we stayed up watching a movie on Netflix. I honestly couldn’t even tell you a thing about the movie, but it was one that had occasional sad moments. I always cry watching movies during sad moments so nothing new that I was crying during the movie. Then I couldn’t stop crying, tears were coming out of my eyes and I wasn’t even trying to cry. I looked at Alex and told him I couldn’t stop crying. He immediately said “I think you’re pregnant”. I was all like no I’m not. I had a test so I took it and sure enough it said positive! We cried and hugged and cried and laughed.

I honestly thought there was no way I could ever not find out if I was having a boy or girl! I have anxiety and thought I would be over taken with anxiety if I was not able to plan out every detail. But Alex convinced me, it surprisingly didn’t take much and it has been a mystery since. I am thankful we didn’t find out for many reasons, one being it is saving the bank account! Overall my anxiety has not been an issue, as we get closer it occasionally sparks up because of the laundry list of to-do projects we want to get done before the baby comes.

A lot of people ask if I have a hunch to what we are having, and I think it is a boy. I am mainly convinced of this because three of my coworkers are having girls and they all had more sickness in the beginning. We have both a boy and girl names and one outfit for each picked out so we will be prepared. Name picking was a lot easier than I expected as well. We are keeping those a secret, so you’ll find out in 7 weeks or so!

Thankfully, I didn’t really have any sickness and now that I am 7 weeks away I am starting to feel some “pregnancy feels”. Mainly I have been dealing with extra fluid in my legs and feet, causing some pain in my feet. I thought my pregnancy was going by fast until I started having the extra fluid and now it is going slow. I am trying to be thankful time feels so as I have a feeling once the baby is here the days will fly by!

It is scary to think we need to start preparing for real. Like having a bag packed for the hospital. I have gotten some recommendations, but I would appreciate yours too! What is a must pack item?!?

Also, I have basically been pinteresting since the second we found out and I can’t wait to show you guys the nursery!! I wasn’t able to do any decorating with the nursery since we were planning to scrape down the popcorn ceilings, so now that we got those done, I am more than ready to get it finished. Of course, I have most of the décor and we already have the room painted so now just need to do the finishing touches. 😊 Stay tuned for my March post, it will have all the nursery pictures!

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