The One Piece of Our Home I Love Most

I started this blog post about our bedroom almost a year ago… Having a baby changed priorities and interests. My favorite piece in the house is in our bedroom so I wanted to make sure to finish this post! I decided these photos of our bedroom are perfect examples of how my design ideas change over time and apparently my photo editing too. 😛DSC00150IMG_5007.jpg

I bought this dresser at Goodwill for $40. I have always dreamed of painting it, but 1. it weighs a million pounds so it would be a lot of work to move it and 2. it is very detailed and that scares me. If anyone has suggestions on what color or how to paint it I would greatly appreciate them!


I am so sad this quilt has seen better days and is no longer on our bed. I bought it at Homegoods. Thanks to our dog Frankie, who enjoys scratching before laying down, there are a couple small holes in it. Here is our update bed view now!


Naturally Frankie had to jump in! The screen above our bed was $7 at a yard sale!!! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! The bedside tables are matching, despite the lighting difference. I want to paint them, white or navy but I would have to leave the front part exposed. Also would love to DIY a new headboard or at least a cover for ours!


This is one our sweet wedding photos from Madelin Mack Photography. Alex and I have a tradition that when we travel to new countries we buy a picture frame. This is the picture frame from our honeymoon to Punta Cana, it now has a photo from our trip there.


This mirror is my FAVORITE PIECE in the whole house. Our bedroom is rediculously large and when we moved in we only had our bed, night stands, and dresser so it was super empty! As usually I was pinning on Pinterest and told Alex I wanted to get a giant mirror for our room. When we moved in there were “gym” mirrors on the wall in the basement and when we were removing them the idea to build a frame jumped in both of our minds at the same time. So we removed them and Alex built this frame for one of them, and I stained it. Its huge, we had to assemble it in our bedroom! It is so perfect!… I miss this bedspread! Mission find a similar one starts now, don’t tell Alex! 🙂



A faux fire place was a long time goal. We found this fireplace at an antique shop, not expecting it to be big, but the size is actually perfect (it is over five feet wide and probably 4 tall). I still want to fill the inside with something but I haven’t gotten to it. I have toyed with doing book pages or fake logs. I don’t want it to be too busy so I am not sure what I should do! I love fireplace mantels because you can easily change the decor on them you can do no wrong.

You can see when I switched it out I kept some of the items! I needed less wood tones and more neutral! I grabbed this wood art from our stairway entry to add height because we have vaulted ceilings and this wall is actually huge. In the picture frames, thrifted of course, are some flowers I painted. Cheap home decor is so rewarding to showcase!

Here are a couple more for fun! IMG_5015.JPG


Eventually we want to do something with the ceilings in our bedroom because they currently are the only ones that still have popcorn texture. I have dreams on white wood with beams, but we have other projects that take priority, like filling nine million nail wholes on the main floor. 😛


Let me know what you think! Hopefully this post isn’t to shabby for writing my first post in almost a year, yikes!

Old bedroom post here!

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