Farmhouse Style Dining Room Before and After

Changing most elements in the dining room, really changed the entire look! Here is a sneak peak (more pictures below).


I had to dig a little to find the original pictures of the dining room. When we bought the house, the previous owners were using it as an office; hence the carpet. I couldn’t find a picture of the peel and stick flooring they put on the wall around the window…. Take a good look at the classic trim and popcorn ceiling….


Oh how could I forget that mural…….  I can’t say I felt bad painting over that; more like satisfied!


It may seem like I have all of these pieces of furniture and then just put them in a room and bam, but reality is we have lived here for almost three years and it’s still not 100%. I am pretty picky with the furniture I choose for our house, one because it has to be what I want and two is has to be reasonably priced! So it has taken a while to find all of the right pieces! Being patient is key!

Quick run down on where I got everything:

Buffet: Gravy Homegoods

Table: Broadstreet Market

Chairs: Facebook Marketplace

Loveseat bench: our sweet friends gifted it to Charlotte

Piece above the buffet is from: Rescued Junk

If you don’t remember from a previous post the crib spring is from the crib Alex (my husband) slept in as a baby.

Everything came as is, painted and everything except I reupholstered the chairs. I can’t find the before pictures but the fabric was original.. It honestly was one of my favorite projects. I would totally reupholster again! I planed to do a post about the chair because it was so easy! I used drop cloth material on them! Which is eventually what I want to use for curtains in there too!

Sorry got on a tangent! It’s crazy what just paint and trim alone can do to a space! Here are the afters!


Planning to put curtains on this window because when we have the dining room light on everyone and their mother can see in!


Hope you enjoyed!! It is one of my favorite rooms because of all of the natural light coming in! Of course Frankie had to make an appearance!

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