Simple DIY Farmhouse Style Wall Art

It is really hard for me to spend money on artwork for our home because I am cheap and it usually isn’t. Lately I have been adding small touches to our home with my own art! I have had many failed attempts but then I just try something else. Art, in general has always been a passion of mine so I enjoy getting to do it! Especially during nap time.


  1. Find a picture of your inspiration piece that you want for your space.
  2. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make it exactly like your inspiration.
  3. You don’t need expensive supplies to make it look expensive.
  4. Keep it simple, especially if art is not your thing.

Something else, frames are expensive too, I always look for cheap frames at thrift stores. The key for me is for the frame to have a matte, because I think that enhances the look.

I just use white cardstock paper and usually acrylic paint that I have had for years. The first picture I used a art marker. Using things I already have is also important. Basically the less money it requires the better.


These are in our sunroom.


These are on our bedroom mantel.


These were in the nursery; however, are now in the guest bedroom because the wood frame did not go with the rest of the room.DSC01355.JPG

This is the most recent one I did for her nursery.

As you can see everything I have done is super simple! I hope this helps you feel like you could do it as well!

I would love to be able to create or give ideas so don’t be scared to reach out!



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