Bathroom Refresh on a Zero Dollar Budget

If you have been following my Instagram stories you saw I, on a whim, painted our guest bath cabinet. I have been struggling with anxiety with all of this crazy weather, social distancing, and this is a busy time for us with the rentals. So I needed to do something to get myself off the couch. So this was the project!

It honestly might one of my favorite projects. 1. Because it looks SOOOO much better! 2. because I did it all myself!!! There are very few projects involving that many steps that I do 100% without Alex’s help! So I am proud of myself! 🙂

I didn’t spend a single dime. I only used things I already had. The paint was left over from a previous project and I shopped my house for the wall decor! I do want to get a new rug, but I’m overall so pleased!!!





I had this wood box and just tacked both the lid and the bottom part on the wall. I found the hymn in one of the hundred of old books I have and it is about how you are never alone because God is always there. Just thought that was sweet since this will be Charlotte’s bathroom.


TADA! Hope you liked it!!!


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