ONE Month House Update!

I was suppose to update you after a week, but you will understand why that never got done if you keep reading! 😊

We have officially had our house for three weeks and its starting to look a little less like a disaster! SOOO much progress!

Week 1:

Alex painted the whole main level! Read More

House Hunting Results!


Can we just talk about house shopping right now. All I wanted to do is have a house to redo and decorate. Why did it have to be so stressful? Alex and I began the search even though we originally weren’t planning to start until February. We went to an open house and it left me with the same feeling I have after I eat ice cream, wanting more. The market here is so quick these days. As soon as a house comes on the market we have to go look at it. So, it is a busy process.

Truth is we made an offer on a house in Des Moines and they countered too high so Read More

Gift giving comes easily for me, especially with those closest to me because I pay attention to when they say things like “I want one of those.” Or “I could really use a…” Especially around Christmas time because who isn’t wanting everything they don’t need around that time of year. So, I knew for a long time what I wanted to get Alex for our wedding. I had picked up on a few things he wanted and knew I could personalize them.

He had been wanting a Read More

I opened a wedding gift from my aunt Sandy, my dad’s sister, that made me cry.

A year ago, today my Shorty, aka grandma Menuey (dad’s mom), turned 90-years-old. On that same day, she left us for heaven. After my grandpa got sick I became extremely close with all of my grandparents. I was going to college close by his nursing home so I visited constantly. After he passed away I visited my grandma just as much.

She moved into assisted living shortly after my grandpa’s passing. I loved visiting her because she always told it like it is, she always had me laughing (even when she yelled “it smells in here because she pooped all over” talking about her roommate who was sitting across the room), and she gave the best advice. We would laugh and laugh every time we were together and she was one of my biggest supporters. She would always make sure I was doing great in school and she would always cut me out of the newspaper when I made the dean’s list or received a scholarship. I always looked up to her and still do. I mean the woman raised eight kids in a small three-bedroom farmhouse! She was a strong, smart woman in her days. I can still here her voice when I listen for it (for those who don’t know my dad’s family tends to all have loud high-pitched voices; me included). It always warms my heart.

I could go on for days about her, but back to the gift I received. When I opened the box, Read More

I have been dying to share with you guys what we got our parents for our thank you gift to them ever since we received them in the mail, but we had to give them to our parents first! 😊

Alex and I struggled to find something for our parents gifts, to thank them for everything they did for the wedding and in life. Struggling lead to procrastination. It was like we were completing a research paper we have known about for months, but when searching for information we weren’t finding the content we had hoped for. Read More

We are almost two weeks post wedding and I am shifting my previous time spent doing wedding planning, to writing blog posts and trying to figure out how to work WordPress (I have zero experience, so it’s rough at times). Here is a little insight on how I got here.

I am not sure how many of you have been married or are planning to get married soon, so bear with me as I share with you a little bit about my experience. Read More

Day One

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to share this with everyone! Maybe you are wondering why I wanted to start a blog or maybe you are surprised that I have started one.

Those closest to me know that I have been talking about starting a blog for a year or so. I think it took so long because I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Truth is, I started writing this post and it somehow turned into a completely different post. You will get to see that later! I wanted to start a blog to share Read More