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If you don’t know yet, Alex and I are expecting! We are so excited. Baby Fortsch is due April 13th. I always had this elaborate plan that when I thought I was pregnant I would find out without Alex knowing and then plan something super cute to surprise him. That is totally not how it went, we found out together and it is actually pretty entertaining, looking back! It was a casual… Read More

HELLO! Happy New Year! 2018 brought us so many changes, but we are excited to see what 2019 has in store! My motivation level in 2018 was a doozy and then Frankie (our puppy) ate my computer charger. But I am hoping to slowly get back to blogging, especially before Baby comes! I thought I would recap our year, we had a busy one! January, we finished small projects like painting the… Read More

Hey guys! The house is slow going as you know. If you have been following along on Instagram stories, you know we have been completing smaller projects in the midst of waiting on the kitchen. We got our wedding pictures back forever ago and I am just now getting some up in our house. I have seen a lot of other bloggers design the cutest gallery walls with photos and I knew… Read More

Living without a kitchen is not ideal so naturally I had to make the best of it. I have this new obsession with looking for antique finds on Facebook Marketplace. I have been searching on there for months for specific things! Some items I am looking for include, a small antique table, antique fireplace surround, antique mirror, antique cabinets (Like this one from Liz’s blog!), and probably a million other things. This… Read More

  You guys sorry for leaving you out of the loop. We have been BUSY! So, I am going to back up a month or so and fill you in on what has been happening. Here is where our kitchen started, minus the fact that we took out the pantry which you can see the hole in the wall.                Our plan was: Once we have… Read More

Most of you have seen our shiplap in the living room from previous posts on here and Instagram/Facebook. I wanted to let you all know how we got the look we wanted for a cheaper price than the shiplap you buy in a box. If you have done any research on putting up shiplap you may already know that there are a few options. Our original plan was to buy the true… Read More